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Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share? Can you help other React developers learn from your mistakes so they don't have to repeat them? Have you seen something on this site -- or any other React Tutorial site -- that you don't agree with or know a better way? We're looking for some sharp developers to contribute content for


  • Full Author credit for any content you submit
  • Retain full intellectual property rights to your content
  • Link back to your website from this site (*which ranks highly for some React development search queries)
  • Promote your product to our email list (limit one email per month with all sponsored product links)
  • For contributors who submit 10+ exclusive posts, we'll setup a dedicated author landing page with links to your content on this site, your personal site and your products.


  • Unique: we're not really interested in publishing generic or regurgitated content
  • Exclusive: we're not really interested in re-posting articles you've written elsewhere, but we'll consider it if you ask nicely
  • Markdown: we don't do this full-time, so we ask that you only submit content in this format so we get it online quickly
  • Quality: we know you're not Shakespeare, but try to keep typos and grammatical errors to a minimum

Please send all submissions, questions or comments to

Here are some examples of the types of articles we're looking for.
Learn how to code the React equivalents of these popular Angular directives.

Have a Javascript question or a topic you want us to write about?

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